Industrial and Wastewater Services

Consultech performs environmental industrial maintenance services, from waste collection and recycling to facilities decontamination, for a wide range of customers that include family businesses, municipalities, school districts, and small to Fortune 500 corporations. Trained personnel perform activities such as tank cleaning, product transfer and removal, waste material identification (including PCBs and other chemical and petroleum products), and spill prevention and containment systems in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Consultech additionally offers rapid response services for a variety of circumstances, such as petroleum or chemical spills, highway and railway accidents, natural disasters, and industrial accidents including material handling and storage facilities. Debris monitoring and management services include waste segregation and disposal, health and safety training; hiring, scheduling, and managing field staff. Our personnel work closely with the customer and regulatory authorities to ensure that a cleanup is performed effectively and in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Our services include:

  • Plant Closures
  • Lagoon Dewatering/Closure
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Industrial Process Treatment
  • Plant and Equipment Decon
  • Sediment Pit Cleaning
  • Tank and Pipeline Cleaning
  • Stormwater Management, SP3
  • NPDES & Stormwater Permitting
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

Representative Projects

US EPA, North Carolina

Project consisted of the clean-up of spilled hydraulic oil, from the existing anti-terrorist security devices located throughout the campus. The work consisted of flushing the underground piping with a high pressure sewer jetter and collection of the water via a vacuum truck. Additional services include pressure washing and collecting of rinsate from the interior of various anti-terrorist security devices and sumps. All liquid waste was taken to a permitted waste treatment facility for recycling. The contaminated rip-rap and soils that were impacted on the surface were hand excavated and placed into cubic yard boxes for disposal into a permitted sanitary landfill. After completion of excavation activities the soil was screened for petroleum hydrocarbons to confirm the complete removal of impacted soils. Site restoration consisted of replacement of soils, rip-rap and seeding/mulching of disturbed areas.

US EPA, North Carolina

This project was an emergency spill response to remove a glycol/water spill that was contained on the floor and bermed area within the central utility plant, High Bay building. A vacuum truck and vacuum trailer where utilized to remove the bulk water resulting in several trips to the treatment facility for proper disposal. To the extent possible loose items, equipment and materials where temporarily moved or relocated as necessary to facilitate the removal of the water and glycol mixture. The entire floor surface was squeegeed to the existing floor drain trench system and sumps for collection. The floor area was left to air dry only upon completion of water removal with the aid of fans to circulate air movement throughout loads. The loads of water and glycol mixture where transported to a fully permitted treatment facility, a total of 6,750 gallons of water and glycol mixture was recovered.

Alabama Missouri Debris Management

Consultech Environmental recently participated in the two debris removal, solid waste and hazardous waste removal activities. The first major activity was providing trained personnel in support to the Corp of Engineers and FEMA tornado relieve efforts in 9 (nine) counties within the state of Alabama. This duties included providing a managing Health and Safety Officer and site personnel to segregate household waste, hazardous waste, and potential asbestos materials from the aftermath of 27 tornado. Consultech Environmental was instrumental in assisting the prime contractor in providing a “hands on” approach of Health & Safety for the 20 (twenty) 6 (six) man/women crews performing the cleanup activities. In addition to providing Health & Safety, Consultech Environmental conducted on going training in debris removal air monitor techniques and requirements to the segregation crews in airborne asbestos monitoring.

The second action was again working directly with FEMA and the Corp of Engineers in the debris activities in surrounding the tornados that swept thru Joplin Missouri. A different type of segregation of household waste was applied in this action, whereas, in Alabama street side activities where used to segregate waste in Joplin all materials where recovered from the road side and trucked to landfills. Once delivered to the landfills segregation crews would sift thru the “piles” dumped by the tractor trailers segregating the household waste, hazardous waste and potential asbestos materials. During this evolution hazardous waste was segregated by classification, packaged, manifested and transported to a proper disposal facility.